Dishwasher Bench Bottom EAS500

Dishwasher Bench Bottom EAS500
- Drainage pump : Standart.
- Programme options: 90O,-120O,-180O C seconds.
- Motor Power:0.55 kw 2800 rpm.
- Total Power:6 kw 220 V
- Tank heating power:2.5 kw
- Rinse boiler heating:3 kw
- Stainless steel resistance.
- Maximum plate diameter:320 mm
- Water consumption: 2.5 lt/time.
- Magnetic security switch.
- Programme continues the process by closing of the door.
- Full automatic washing operation at 55ºC, rinsing operation with hot water at 80-85ºC.
- Stainless steel body.

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Bench Bottom Dishwasher Dimensions ; EAS500: *Height: 810mm *Width: 600mm *Depth: 660mm *Weight: 67kg