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Meat Mincer
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Meat Grinder

The meat grinder is one of the useful kitchen tools designed to grind large quantities of meat. Multi-function meat grinder models are used extensively for the preparation of recipes that require intensive grinding, such as sausage, tomato paste, and sauce, as well as minced meat. You can choose from household or professional decks according to the intensity and quantity of use. For your more specific processing needs, you can choose models used in kebab making, such as armor grinders.

We sell a large variety of different makes and sizes of meat mincer, from Italmans 22 to the Mainca 32, We are guaranteed to have a meat mincing machine to suit your requirements. We sell a large variety of different makes and sizes of meat mincer, from Italmans 22 to the Mainca 32 (Made in Italy), We are guaranteed to have a meat mincing machine to suit your requirements. Meat grinders have a large bowl into which you place lumps of meat. It is then forced into rotating blades that grind it down, pushing it through a disc with holes in to create the familiar ground meat texture. We are the perfect professional machine for saving time when converting chunks of raw beef, fish, pork, or lamb into tender minced meat. Our smallest model manages to grind 120 kgs of meat per hour, but we also sell models that can manage 220 to 320 kgs of meat per hour. All meat mincers are fully guarded and CE approved.  We have meat mincers available to suit both high and low volume applications, including machines with production capacities of 1300 kg/hour. Our meat mincers are constructed from commercial quality stainless steel.

Types Of Meat Grinder

Whether for commercial or household meat grinders, the first factor to consider when deciding on the best meat grinder is the power source. Power selection affects many other factors, especially the meat grinder price, and helps you eliminate certain features in your list of potential models. Machines used in the house are of two types: manual or electric. Manual meat grinders, such as the lever meat grinder, require you to use your hands to activate the grinding chamber. An electric meat grinder variety, all you have to do is press a button and push the meat into the hopper. Whether manual or electric, each model has its own pros and cons. Manual household meat grinder prices are more economical and also have a smaller body structure. Especially ideal for use in tight spaces, most of these models feature removable arms. In this way, the machine takes up less space. Similarly, electric meat grinders are larger and have a higher sales tag. However, since the grinding process is carried out by motor power, electric models make mincing a more effortless and simple process.

How Does The Meat Grinder Work?

A meat grinder can be made of metal, plastic, or a mixture of these two materials. Metal and plastic are the most common combination. In these models, the outer body of the machine is made of plastic, the front panel, The Grinder mouth section, and the mirrors are usually made of metal. In meat grinders, the material in which the conveyor section called the spiral is made is very important. This part, which is directly in contact with the product, is the main part of the machine. During the mincing process, rotating meat knives cut the meat at an incredible speed, allowing it to be pushed out of the holes. Since the spiral conveyor pushes the meat towards the cutting plate, this section is made of metal, hygienic and long-lasting use is much better. Some meat grinders come with an extra conveyor made of plastic. Plastic accessories are the best choice for grinding fruits and vegetables where the risk of bacteria is low. Cleaning is very important when working with food, and meat grinders are one of the devices that requires the most attention during cleaning. Leaving anything in the grinder because you will work with raw meat can lead to mold or bacteria being transferred to your food during the next use, which can pose serious risks to your health. The most important feature of stainless steel is that it is resistant to rust by liquid contact. This, in turn, is very important for healthy and hygienic conditions, because cleaning rust is very difficult, especially in machines with a closed chamber design, such as a meat grinder. Removable accessories made of stainless steel material are very easy to clean, and many appliances are dishwasher safe.

Commercial Meat Mincer

Like most commercial kitchen equipment, the professional meat grinder is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Manual meat grinders are installed on your desk or counter and are designed for low volume use. Due to their relatively small capacity and the need to manually rotate the crank, manual meat mincer machines are not used very often in commercial environments. Commercial-type meat grinders are commonly preferred in butchers and delicatessens. These models are superior in both quality and usability. Usually made of stainless steel, these models are designed to be long-lasting to ensure the equipment provides years and years of trouble-free service to your business. Commercial meat mincer machines feature sturdy stainless steel feeding apparatus, mirrors, and meat trays. For this reason, commercial meat grinder prices are higher compared to household models. The stainless material ensures that the cutting blade maintains the level of sharpness over time and extends the change time for meat grinder spare parts. According to the quality of the plate, the Protection time of the cutting blades varies. How long the cutters can be used is indicated in the product's maintenance instructions. However, according to the hardness level of the materials you are grinding, the cutting plates may wear out earlier or later. When a cutting plate loses its sharpness, it is recommended that you replace it with a similar cutting plate manufactured by the same manufacturer so that your meat grinder can operate with maximum performance.

Pay Attention To These When Choosing A Meat Mincer

With a solid body structure, the meat grinders last as long as possible, ensuring that you get the best value for money. So as with any kitchen appliance, always be sure to choose a durable model when buying a meat grinder. A molded metal or plastic body is used in various types of meat grinders with sleeves. Plastic decals are more economical to produce, but the plastic material is durable enough to hold the machine together. Electric meat grinder varieties, on the other hand, may also include plastic bodies, but generally, the use of metal bodies for a stronger structure is more common. Cast aluminum body design for maximum durability is common in commercial models designed to withstand heavy use, for example in industrial types of a meat grinder. A stainless steel model almost always lasts longer than a plastic model. If you are going to use your meat grinder regularly, you can choose steel machines.