Dough Mixer

Dough Mixer

Planetary mixers are large industrial mixing machines that are designed to mix vast quantities - usually up to 40 litres in the biggest versions. Our unique planetary mixers, ensure all areas of the bowl are covered, with our specialist dough-mixers and heavy-duty options catering to all caterers and establishments such as pizzerias, bakers and restaurants. A commercial spiral mixer is used to mix dough effectively. They are ideally suited to mixing dough at high volumes, such as for the needs of bakeries, caterers and pizza restaurants. Our commercial spiral mixers are ideal for soft dough's such as pizza and bread and for use in pizzerias, patisseries and bakeries. Our full line of commercial mixers includes both floor and countertop mixers to help you streamline your kitchen’s food preparation needs with the appropriate power and torque for the job. Spiral mixing is gentler, the temperature of the dough fluctuates less and helps ensure that the yeast activates properly. Whether you run a small pizza shop or a large bakery, there is a dough mixer for your operation with the largest units able to process hundreds of kilograms a time.

This spiral dough mixer has been designed for commercial applications Perfect for bakeries or pizza and pastry shops our spiral dough mixer is best can be used with nearly any type of dough can handle a wide variety of dough products most often used in your kitchen. Our mixer boasts a 20, 30, 40, 50,60-litre capacity and can be used to produce a number of popular food items such as pizza dough, scones, and biscuits making your operation more efficient than ever.

It was a massive game-changer for us in our quality of pizza dough. This is the dough mixer small or large business have been looking for.

Strong  Dough Arm

This spiral dough mixer has a powerful dough arm, it is important to have a strong spiral dough mixer arm this dough machine rotations in a minute about 185. UK bakeries or pizza and pastry shops like to use our spiral dough mixer. Use one of our spiral dough mixers and fill advantage.