Cold Rooms

Cold Rooms

Easy Shelf is the leading provider of Cold Rooms in London. Our engineers have the capacity and training to certify, test, and maintain or repair a vast selection of cold rooms.

What is a Cold Room?

What Is Cold Room?Basically, a modular cold room is a cooling room whose walls, ceiling, and floor are composed of various sections or modules. These modules all snap together and lock into place to provide a thermally insulated and structurally sound chamber.

Easy Shelf cold rooms panel of 80mm thick Arneg brand panels.

All modular rooms are shipped with uncut cold room panels, as customers cannot always use standard refrigeration equipment.

Positioning of refrigeration units and/or cutting and/or drilling of pressure compensating valves must be performed by the installer.

Cold Room Installation, Calibration and Maintenance London

Easy Shelf offers a wide selection of applications to meet the needs of various industries in London. All of our Cold Room are customizable and can be made to any specifications that a modern industry may need.

We have 2 types of cold rooms chiller room and a freezer room When a regular commercial fridge or freezer just doesn’t give you the chilled storage you need, we have the perfect solution a Cold room (modular cold room).

The Easy Shelf has been designed to offer maximum capacity in small spaces and the best strong quality, durable frame these walk-in fridges and freezers are the best UK cold rooms and freezer rooms.

What Is a monoblock Cold Room?

Monoblock Cold Room is the most common cold room used in catering and other industries, monoblock cold room means compact condensing unit and evaporator build together. monobloc cold rooms are two type freezer monoblock or chiller fridge monoblock. UK refrigeration engineers names cold rooms have modular cold rooms.

Advantage Modular Cold Rooms

Modular cold rooms and freezer rooms in premises small area hold a large capacity of a child or frozen products, ideal in many small or large business hold fridge temperate for chilled needing products and freezing for frozen goods. These walk-in cold rooms UK (modular cold rooms) are built using prefabrication sandwich panels, commercial panels strong durable and can be used in commercial environments. Building Modular cold rooms and freezer rooms on small premises are easy.

Camlock modular cold rooms system

Easy Shelf modular cold rooms system are with Camlock lockable system that helps to lock panel to panel. Use camlock panels to the built freezer or chiller rooms system are with Camlock is easy and simply built using prefabrication chiller rooms. Camlock systems offer a safe, strong, and secure method for attaching panels, making assembly (and disassembly) quick and easy These cylindrical locks attach panels together using a latch mechanism. This latch can be rotated at least 90° via a ‘key’ that is inserted into the clock. With a full range of standard-sized panels available.

The temperature in  cold rooms system

Walk-In Cold RoomModular cold rooms system are chiller room and freezer room this chiller and freezer work in deferent Temperature, for child product’s Fridges, will typically operate at a range of 0°C to 10°C while freezers achieve temperatures between -15°C to -25°C. to help maintain consistent temperatures and increase efficiency we use the best-branded components to build cold rooms Modular walk-in cold rooms and freezer rooms are.

The range of commercial cold rooms offered by Easy Shelf Chiller rooms is designed according to the latest standards of the refrigeration industry. By browsing through their collection, you can easily find the walk-in fridge ideal for your business. The modular cold room offered by Easy Shelf is remote or integrated. We do not compromise on the quality of the product. We only offer high-quality walk-in fridge chiller rooms to our customers.
Giving the option of either integrating the refrigeration unit within the cold room (or freezer room) itself, or making savings in the long run by installing the compressor remotely elsewhere on the premises, we can provide you with the perfect walk-in cold room for your business needs. If you're looking for a cold room for sale, you've come to the right place.

If you receive large quantities of meat/fish or vegetables just once or twice a week rather than daily, then the additional space of a cold room is certain to be more valuable and cost-effective. Available as supply only or with full installation our cold rooms come in a huge range of models with one to suit any size of catering operation no matter how big or small.