Fridges Commercial Catering

Fridges Commercial Catering

Commercial fridges & commercial freezers, storage refrigeration, refrigerated display, solid door chiller upright, and under-counter refrigerators. A commercial refrigerator or freezer option is a big investment, with a cold storage option being of the utmost importance to the running of any busy working kitchen. If you need guidance on choosing the right fridge for your business, check out the Buying a Commercial Fridge guide.

Heart of small or large business is Commercial fridges and commercial freezers, Commercial fridges are an important type of chillers, storage refrigeration Commercial Upright Chiller, Commercial Upright Freezers, Undercounter Solid Door Chillers, Solid Door Chillers and Meat Cabinets, Blast Chillers and Freezers, Counters, Saldate’s and Pizza Prep, Refrigerated storage solutions for all catering equipment’s busy commercial kitchens to small cafes and diners We supply a wide range of gastronorm stainless steel commercial catering equipment service cabinets and counters, to small under-counter fridges and prep and pizza counters. A commercial refrigerator or freezer option is a big investment, with a cold storage option being of the utmost importance to the running of any busy working kitchen allowing you to keep both food and drink fresh, safe for usage and of course increasing shelf-life of fresh produce. Easy shelf stoke many catering commercial equipment’s to help you achieve your business dreams with every type of refrigerated equipment you could possibly need.

Commercial Upright Chiller

Our easy shelf has UK best Upright Chiller fridge stainless steel solid door chillers we have cabinets are fan assisted and static cooling, fan-assisted refrigeration cooling to ensure even cooling over the whole cabinet We offer a fantastic range of Commercial Upright Chiller stainless steel. We have solutions suitable for small and large commercial kitchens stainless steel gastronome Commercial Upright Chiller fridge cabinets. ThisCommercial Upright Chiller fridge one door two doors suitable for large and small business professional kitchens

Commercial Upright Freezers

Commercial Upright Freezers A great choice of solid two 2 doors or 1 one door freezers and service cabinets. Commercial Upright Freezers are fan assisted and static cooled units with adjustable shelves premium fully automatic Commercial Upright Freezers stainless steel service cabinets with adjustable shelves. Great for the small or large catering professional kitchen and busy food outlet.

Frozen storage solutions, from large gastronomy Upright Freezers stainless steel freezers to small under-counter freezers. We also supply a large range of chest freezers in white and stainless steel lid finishes. From standard storage to low-temperature units.

Providing easy bulk storage and access to frozen food, the commercial upright freezer has become a common appliance found in commercial premises.

Commercial Countertop Chiller Refrigeration

This Countertop Chiller Fridge Providing ready access to chilled goods is made easy with our extensive range of countertop refrigerator models from some of the world's most renowned brands.

Ideal for areas where floor space is limited, but ready access to a refrigerator is required, a countertop fridge fits the bill for many smaller establishments looking for quality cold storage units.

Popularised within the hotel industry, the countertop refrigerator can be found in many of the world's hotel and guestrooms as a powerful passive sales aid.

Fridge & Freezer Counters

Commercial Fridge & freezer stainless steel counters Combining both cold and frozen storage with a food preparation surface, a fridge or freezer counter combine storage space and worktop space in kitchens that want to maximise both prep areas without sacrificing important cold storage access.

In catering Commercial Fridge & freezer stainless steel counters, Dual purpose, flexible and powerful within a food preparation area, this commercial fridge and freezer counters are a cornerstone of many foodservice businesses due to the sheer efficiency benefits

Modular and powerful, whilst increasing the efficiency of your kitchen areas, these units are ideal for many caterers looking to enhance their production output capabilities.

Prep Counters

Saldate’s and Pizza Preparation counter chiller fridge Dedicated chilled storage and food preparation space in one convenient unit, there is no wonder that many fast food outlets and more utilise the convenience of chilled prep counters.

Compatible with a wide range of other kitchen equipment, prep counters are ideal for busy kitchens that want to ensure all work with chilled produce remains both efficient and safe.

With a number of upgradable options and specific options for salad bars, pizza shop counters and more, these excellent units are ideal for many professional kitchens.