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1. Delivery as standard is a kerbside delivery to a ground floor site. In most cases, this will be between the hours of 8.30 am and 6.30 pm but the courier may call you outside of these hours. This does not include unpacking and positioning, which must be done by the customer. Drivers will be unable to assist with the unpacking process due to liability insurance regulations.

2. All deliveries are made to KERBSIDE ONLY at the nearest access point unless an "Unpack and Position" or other services, at an additional cost, have been requested. (This service requires clear, flat access otherwise the delivery will default to kerbside only).

3. Deliveries are carried out by a third party courier company arranged by the manufacturer however we remain your main point of contact.

4. Expected delivery time frames are shown on product pages, but may be subject to change due to stock availability or if any additional security checks are necessary. We do as much as possible to ensure that products are delivered to you on time and that you will receive them by the estimated delivery date on the website. However, Easy Shelf Direct Limited is not liable for any delays.

5. Please DO NOT book any fitters or installers of the equipment ordered until after the goods have been delivered and inspected by yourself. We will not take any responsibility for any costs incurred as a result of arranging this in advance of delivery.

6. Easy Shelf Direct Limited is not liable for any lost profits or business interruption that may have directly, indirectly, or incidentally arisen from a delivery delay of the order. It is the customer's responsibility to plan and prepare for such instances.

7. The Customer is responsible for ensuring that all items will fit onto or within the premises. You (the Customer) are advised to check all entry door dimensions to ensure the product will fit onto or within the site. Any charges caused by an aborted delivery due to this will be passed onto the Customer.

8. We will charge a redelivery fee if no one is available on site to take delivery of the goods.

9. Prior to dispatch from our warehouse, Easy Shelf Direct must be made aware of any restrictions that may affect the delivery in any way, such as weight limits, access limitations, or pedestrianized zones.

10. All delivery times given are estimated and they are quoted in terms of normal working days.  It is very important to note that delivery times may be affected by factors beyond our direct control.

11. Should Easy Shelf Direct Limited be in a situation where they are not able to fulfill delivery of all products in an order, Easy Shelf Direct Limited shall be entitled to perform a partial delivery of the order, without prior notification to the customer. In cases where Easy Shelf Direct Limited is not able to deliver the remaining products of a partially delivered order within a reasonable time frame, the remaining payment can be subject to a refund to the customer without prior notice.

12. Every effort is made to ensure that the correct item is sent, however, if you do not receive the correct item you must report this within 24 hours of delivery.  If you intend to return an item, please note returns can only be accepted within 14 days of delivery, in the original unused condition and the original packaging.

13. Unless otherwise stated, delivery is approximately 5-10 working days.

14. This will be a one-man crew, pavement drop, between 8 am & 6 pm. A book in the call will be made on the day of delivery by the driver on the number you have supplied. The delivery will be made regardless of whether the phone is answered or not. Please make sure you supply the correct phone number. If no one is on-site to receive the goods when delivery is made, it will be aborted, and charges may apply.

Unpack and Position terms and conditions

3.A.1 Door for all entrances should be measured accordingly this is the customer's responsibility before delivery is made.

3.A.2 During unpacking and positioning your appliance it's the customer's responsibility to make sure that there is free movement within the business premises.

3.A.3 During un-packaging and positioning Easyshelf will not be responsible for any damaged goods as it is the customer's responsibility to receive appliances and goods accordingly Two terms and conditions.