End of Run Leg for Retail Shelving Wall Unit

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  • Completes a run of wall units
  • Standard 50 mm pitch system
  • Superior finish and easy-to-clean

The upright and base leg attaches easily to the end of a wall unit/run of units to complete the unit/run. 

All of our Wall & Gondola bays are sold with just one leg, so you will most likely need an End Finishing Leg at the end of your run.

To complete a run of shelving bays you will need to purchase an additional Base Leg and Upright, this is called a finisher.

All of our shelving is inter connectable, so each bay will connect to the next bay, as each post can service 2 bays, if you need 5 bays in a row you will need 6 legs, or if you have 2 runs of 5 you would need 12 legs. The shelves themselves are adjustable to ensure that any product can be stored on this shelving. 

Available sizes

Base Legs: Uprights:
  • 160x200mm
  • 160x250mm
  • 160x300mm
  • 160x370mm
  • 160x470mm
  • 160x570mm
  • 30x60x1000mm
  • 30x60x1400mm
  • 30x60x1600mm
  • 30x60x1800mm
  • 30x60x2100mm
  • 30x60x2400mm
  • 30x60x3000mm
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Base EA9-SPX
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