Ice Cream Display Freezer

Ice Cream Display Freezer

To reduce the amount of space required to use these ice cream freezers, they are designed with sliding lids that require no additional height when in use. Is your ice cream freezer really cold enough? The optimum temperature of ice cream freezers should be ≤ -18 °C (≤ -0.4 °f). Above this temperature, your ice cream can melt immediately, and the entire product cabinet will deteriorate. The temperature of our ice cream freezer can be customized to meet your specific needs. For example, some of our customers need a temperature as low as -26°C (-14.8°F). Especially useful when storage or shelves are situated above the freezer, the access points are wide enough to guarantee easy retrieval of stock. We have the best range of ice cream display units in stock in the UK ready for delivery.

Ice cream baskets allow customers to save time and your electricity bill on finding the flavor they want, to avoid spoiling interior products. Commercial ice cream freezers contain many freezer equipments, most of which are special purposes. Your choice ranges from ice cream dipping cabinets, where customers can order the perfect ice cream or cone and your staff can easily scoop directly from standard tubs to glass top freezer units where frozen ice cream sticks, popular ice cream flavors, and other treats can be lured. it allows customers to serve themselves.

Ice cream freezers are a must for more than ice cream shops. You will find chest freezers and ice cream display freezers in many grocery Sundays. And ice cream dipping cabinets are the standard way Canadian ice cream shops serve their customers.

Glass top freezers are found in almost every grocery store and gas station. That's because they're a great way to show off your ice cream innovations and other pre-packaged frozen treats. Most often these freezers are self-serving, where the customer can help themselves, but sometimes it is a suitable freezer for the staff to pick up the ice cream innovations.

Ice cream cabinets come in various widths. But these are otherwise fairly standard machines. You'll want to find out how many cans of ice cream you want to serve. And you have to remember that each of these cabinets will typically have extra storage space for a few other ice cream tubs that might actually be needed in a small ice cream shop.

Solid top freezers, also known as commercial crate freezers, can be used for anything. For your extra ice cream cans, or maybe just anything you want to freeze. These are like residential chest freezers, except that they are much more powerful and durable.