Cold Room Evaporators

Cold Room Evaporators

Our cold room evaporators have a capacity range of 0.9-56 kW and can respond to small and medium cooling requests. The batteries included in the units are highly thermally efficient and are also compactly designed. For higher capacity requirements, our product is available and special designs are done.

The structure of the evaporator should be designed in such a way that the refrigerant will evaporate well and quickly, by providing a good heat transfer, taking the heat of the cooling substance with high efficiency and keeping the pressure difference in the inlet and outlet of the refrigerant at a minimum. Commercial and industrial refrigeration evaporators are differentiated depending on the capacity and the application area.

Butchery and supermarket cold rooms generally use box type evaporators and slim type evaporatorsSlim type (panel type) refrigeration evaporators are small devices and suitable for cooling, not big spaces. Box type (cubic) evaporators are also used to cool the products. This type of cooler is used for the freezing chambers where products are stored in the deep freeze mode, for example, dough, vegetables, meat. Slimline evaporators feature easy access drop-down hinged bottom panel.

Although the cold room evaporator prices vary according to the cooling volume and type, they start from 299 pounds on our online sales site. Cold room evaporator Coils and Cold room compressors, which are among the most sought-after evaporator spare parts for cold room and cold room spare parts, are also available in our stocks.

Cold Room Evaporators; small, medium, and large capacity commercial, and they are designed for use in cold and frozen rooms in industrial refrigeration systems. These are the series that are frequently used in projects. Negative Cooler ( -18 C ), Positive Cooling ( -5 C, 5 C range ) are mainly used in commercial cooling systems in cold storage projects.

Our products are designed to achieve high efficiency for use in commercial and industrial cold rooms with Freon gas. 3/8″ – 1/2″ – 5/8″ copper pipe – aluminum lamella is used in our production. Lamella spacing can vary between 4 mm and 12 mm. In our standard evaporators, sheet cabinets are electrostatic powder painted.

Slim Type Evaporator Models Capacity
Surface (m²) Tube Volume (dm³) Dimension (mm) NW (Kg) Connection (∅ mm)
te= -8°C te= -25°C A B C Inlet Outlet
∆1=8K ∆1=7K
MEJ-1D 0.82 0.6 3.3 0.95 410 250 - 6 1/2 3/8
MEJ-2D 1.62 1.18 6.5 1.75 735 575 - 10 1/2 3/8
MEJ-3D 2.43 1.77 9.8 2.5 1060 900 450 13 1/2 1/2
MEJ-4D 3.23 2.36 13 3.4 1385 1224 612 18 1/2 1/2

Cold Room Evaporator Easy ColdOur cold room evaporators are designed in such a way that the side covers and drain pan can be easily removed for ease of installation and maintenance. An intermediate drain pan is used to cut the air bypass. Cassettes can also be produced in stainless steel upon request.

Another name for the evaporator used in cooling systems is the evaporator. The evaporator is also called a cooling coil. Evaporator; It is the part in the cooling system where the refrigerant enters as a liquid and leaves as gas after evaporation. When the refrigerant enters the channels of the chiller evaporator, it absorbs the heat from the cooling substance or the environment, and while absorbing the heat from the environment, it starts to boil and evaporates. As a result of these processes, the chiller evaporator realizes the cooling event, which is the general purpose of the entire system.