Condensing Unit

Condensing Unit


We are the biggest  Condensing unit importer and agency for the same condenser unit Easy Shelf has two types of condensing units high temperate (chiller condenser) and low temperate (Freezer condenser), Condensing units are for cold rooms Arneg chillers EasyCold chillers ect.


High remote temperate (chiller condenser units) ideal for medium and high-temperature commercial applications like Arneg remote chiller Easycold remote chiller, advantage using the condensing unit for remote chiller, low noise in the shop, reduced operating costs, and maintenance with easy installation and use. Condensing units are ideal to be combined with refrigerated cabinets and cold-rooms, the condenser unit (motor out site unit) designed to have composer and other components like a capacitor, oil receiver, and condenser fans, and other components built together and designed. The compressor is with low noise, reduced operating mounted in an acoustically isolated space to contain the noise transmitted to the environment. Condensing units operating with costs and maintenance with easy installation and use.

Get High energy performance with an easy cold condenser unit, UK engineers like to work with easy cold condensing units. This unit built with very strong companies with best component’s and easy to find parts, the first thing it comes your mind about outdoor condenser unit is saving high energy they help reduce running costs and increase cooling

Studying and analyzing the space where you will fix your condenser unit before porches, is very important to choose the right condensing units for your Arneg chiller or another brand remote multideck chiller, ask your local reification engineer or our technical department to help.  

What is the capacity of the condensing unit, you should pay attention to The compressors of different families have different heights and therefore they have different capacities? According to the unit cold room chiller, the condensing units need to be selected, such as refrigerated dairy cabinet fruit veg unit meat display.

One of the main items the evaporating temperature desired in the cooling system condensing unit evaporating temperature must much your applications such as refrigerated counters meat display cold room beer cellar beverage refrigerator dairy cabinet basically all remote chiller and others must much with outdoor motor composers (condenser unit).


Be sure to select condensing units that feed with the same voltage and frequency of the power supply you must pay attention if the compressor is in the condensing unit has a high starting torque Single faze or three faze if your business does not have 3faze (380v) you will not be able to tun your condensing unit follow this guide steps when choosing and sizing a condensing unit.

E-cold freezer condensing unit ideal for remote freezer cabinet and freezer room. If you looking cold room condensing unit for sale, Easyshelf is the best address. Easy cold condensing units are good for using the open fridges, fridges with doors, cold rooms, display fridges, freezer units, and freezer rooms. if you want a cold room compressor unit easy cold is the best option for your cold room. We also have a single-phase 2hp condensing unit for the chiller and freezer. We have two types of refrigeration evaporator units one is box type evaporator and the other one slim-type evaporators which is ideal if you limited spaces for your room.