An Easy Shelf commercial refrigeration condensing unit is the optimized combination of efficiency, reliability, easy installation and sound performance in an application such as cold rooms, fermentation rooms, canteens, restaurants, hospitals.

Most of the condensing units displayed below are multi refrigerant and they can operate with the most popular refrigerants: R404A, R407F, R449A, R134A, R449A, R448A and R452A to name a few. Refrigeration condensing Units come as complete air-cooled refrigeration units suitable for refrigerants R134a, R404a, R22 and R12.

The evaporator is a device in a cooling system where the liquid refrigerant evaporates and takes heat from the environment it is in. In other words, the evaporator is cooler.

With slim type evaporators or box type evaporators, you can have the solution that your business needs immediately with Easy Shelf expertise and quality.

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