Axial Condenser Fan

Axial Condenser Fan

Condenser fans motor based in many placed mainly outdoor unit, The condensing fan circulating air and helps to cool the compressor (heat exchange) and the refrigerant in the Condense coils, integral condensing fans are small fans, inside the compressor compartment. The air helps to get a heath exchange on the condensing coil.

Condenser fans motor plays a big essential roll in refrigeration cooling. Most housed condenser units have axial fans, UK refrigeration engineers best choice is axial condenser use fans to force air through the coil to help transfer the heat of compression to the environment fan.

You can order a new condenser fan motor easy shelf or a local condensing fan motor and refrigeration component sublayer, before you order a new condenser fan unit make Shure you order the right size.

This is UK main axial condenser fan Top-quality axial extractor fan generally used for condensing units and can be used for cooling other machinery and ventilation. The UK refrigeration engineers like to work with condenser fans which is easy to work and last long. These condensing fans are normally supplied and fit the UK leading axial distribution main dealer Easy Shelf. We are happy to supply UK refrigeration engineers condensing fans being a UK distributor importer.

They are is 6 different condensing size 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm. This condensing axial fan main the used on remote condenser fans which are important oversize like EasyCold axial condenser, Maxcold axial condenser fans, Marstair axial condenser fan also the UK brand do use these axial fans is well, outside condenser units normally use suction axial fans.