Remote Cold Room 2.3m (236cm - 7ft 9inc)

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You can choose your remote cold room from 9.68m³m cubic meter to 16.72m³  cubic meters in volume.

Prices; chiller condenser, evaporator and control panel included.

Available as supply only or with full installation our cold rooms come in a huge range of models with one to suit any size of catering operation no matter how big or small. Off-the-shelf sizes are available but if you require and bespoke cold room quote is more than happy to help.

Features & Benefits;

  • Switchable Interior Light
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Lock Fitted
  • Electronically Controlled
  • Fan Assisted Cooling
  • Fully Automatic Operation
  • Chiller Suitable For Fresh Meat
  • Shelving Optional Extra
  • 80mm Thickness of Panels
  • Multiplex able
  • Heated Door Frames
Lenght Depth m3 Condenser Chiller Evaporator Chiller
236cm(7ft 9inc) 236cm(7ft 9inc) 9.68 E-COLD-0.75C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW
236cm(7ft 9inc) 256cm(8ft 5inc) 10.56 E-COLD-0.75C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW)
236cm(7ft 9inc) 276cm(9ft 1inc) 11.44 E-COLD-0.75C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW)
236cm(7ft 9inc) 296cm(9ft 8inc) 12.32 E-COLD-100C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW)
236cm(7ft 9inc) 316cm(10ft 4inc) 13.2 E-COLD-100C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW)
236cm(7ft 9inc) 336cm(11ft) 14.08 E-COLD-150C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW)
236cm(7ft 9inc) 356cm(11ft 8inc) 14.96 E-COLD-150C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW)
236cm(7ft 9inc) 376cm(12ft 4ft) 15.84 E-COLD-150C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW)
236cm(7ft 9inc) 396cm(13ft) 16.72 E-COLD-150C MEJ-3Dc (2,43KW)
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