Remote Chiller With Door Arneg Osaka 3

Remote Chiller With Door Arneg Osaka 3

Arneg Osaka Remote Chiller With Door Fridge is the glass doors remote chiller fridge dairy cabinet (motor outside) which means that it has an external condensing unit that is normally positioned outside your premises with a pipe run to pump the cool air into your shop. This takes all the heat and noise generated from the refrigerator as a result of the cooling process outside your shop and increases the available display area inside your fridge.

About Arneg Osaka

This new Arneg Osaka 3 is one of the best remote chiller fridges in the UK, Arneg Osaka reification cabinet very popular and most wanted chiller in the world. Supermarkets groceries are looking for the best cabinets with the latest technology and energy-saving, Plus Osaka chiller fridge Osaka is manufactured with glazed doors. Remote chillers are very ideal with doors this latest technology chiller brings your high electricity bills to a minimum. Arneg Osaka remote multideck chiller comes in 5 different sizes main Arneg size is 375 12ft and other sizes are 3120mm 10, 2500mm 8ft, 1875mm 6ft, 1250mm 4ft, you can find the right size for your grocery’s supermarket store. Arneg fridge is multiplexing cabinets. Arneg Osaka chiller is used as the best evaporator in the cabinets it helps refrigeration system it helps to cool products quicker. Small business or large whatever your business needs a chiller only Arneg when quality markers it is more than the remote chiller.

Osaka 3 Chiller Multiplexing

You can find the right size remote chiller to suit your needs with Arneg fridge by multiplexing 375 12ft and other sizes are 3120mm 10tf, 2500mm 8ft, 1875mm 6ft, 1250mm 4ft from these cabinets you can join (multiplexing) and get 5m 7.5m up to 50m chillers, these cabinets when you join together you can still run 2x 375 12 cabinets with one motor Condenser unit. Osaka chillers standard height is 205 Easy Shelf is an Arneg agent you can come to our warehouse and see the stock Arneg remote chiller we have and see really how we join chillers together. Using multiplex kits you can join to Arneg fridge.