Straight Glass Serve Over Slim Counter Artemis

Straight Glass Serve Over Slim Counter Artemis

Artemis Serve over counters display Combining known reliability with a variety of exposure solutions and relevant energy-saving innovations, these cabinets have been developed for quality small and medium food retail butchers kebab shops Serve over counters are ideal for fresh produce such as meat, dairy, sandwich fillings and deli items. This is strait glass serve over fridge best seller in the UK. Our range of serve overs are well known by UK refrigeration engineers, this serve over meat display made by the biggest refrigeration manufacturers to easy shelf.

Counters display

Artemis Serve over counters display is beautiful display gives deferent atmosphere to store, this display counter You could use it on an existing decorated or in new fitting making it ideal for catering use. Choose the right size from well-known Artemis serve over counter display respected to this commercial brands.

We have carefully designs various sizes to suit UK market Here are introductions to the different sizes 100cm (3ft 3inc), 132cm (4ft 3inc), 158cm (5ft 3inc), 195cm (6ft 8inc), 250cm (8ft 4inc), 3m (10ft) best seller is 8ft and 10ft  mainly butcher shops restaurants buys

Integral serve over

Artemis is integral serve over counter display fridge integral (condenser unit built-in) this is the latest designs unit, motor built in the best display that gives best vitrine display types of services over the counter that we offer

Flat glass display

Artemis flat glass counter encourages more people to buy them, therefore, make your products more visible easy to clean and maintain the best possible effect for encouraging sales that maximise the cabinet's interior space.

Thanks to Artemis VG depth and slim is a refrigerated display cabinet designed for fresh meat, deli produce, dairy and lots more. The built-in or integral refrigeration system is of the highest quality, providing a constant temperature throughout. Lift up tempered straight glasses offers maximum visibility for the products displayed. Artemis VG depth and slim also has internal lighting and a large under counter storage area. Worktable area fabricated from stainless steel for maximum durability and ease of cleaning.