Shop Counters

Shop Counters

Counters are an essential part of a store grocery mainly use counters with metal shelf, it gives the best vitrine in front of the shop or where ever is the counter display is. Grocery, off-licence, and supermarket counters are mainly made from shelving. Shopkeepers some time name these beautiful shelf counters chocolate counter grocery counters size 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9tt, 10ft. 12ft 15ft beat selling size 10 feet and 12 feet

Wooden Shop Counters are often the most highly visible counters in grocery off licence items of the retail display where most customer interactions take place; shop counter units also double as cost-effective and attractive display and storage units to fit the many and various requirements of the retail environment.

Therefore, it makes economic sense when buying shop counters to ensure that they are attractive, well presented and in keeping with the look of your retail store and serving a helpful storage purpose. Supplying a wide range of retail counters including, Post Office Counters, Trade Counters, Convenience Counters, Glass Display Counters, Glass Cabinets, Jewellery Cabinets, Cash and Wrap, Crisp Basket Units, Confectionery Counters, Pharmacy Units and many more. These beautiful shelf counters chocolate counter grocery counters size 1m, 2m, and 3m best sellers are in a meter

From simple cash and wrap counter to multi-shape, multi-function convenience store counters, all our joinery range of shop fittings is made to order in the UK and very reasonably priced. Our retail counter range now includes crisp counters, confectionery counters, newspaper display counters, stepped display counters, convenience store counters, and checkout counter units to name just a few.

Shop Counters and Cash Desks

All of our shop counters are manufactured in the UK to the highest standard and are always supplied with toughened glass for maximum safety, fully assembled and wrapped. We also offer a low-cost economy range of solid counters, glass displays, corner units, and till points that can be purchased individually or used together for multiple displays. The Economy series is delivered flat pack or if preferred we can assemble them for you.

The sales counter is the point of purchase for your customer and the workstation for your employees. Retail counters are a critical component of your showroom layout and your merchandising design. They must inform potential customers what merchandise is available and need to complete the transaction with the customer successfully. The most effective store design guides customer traffic flow to this final destination of the customer’s visit.