Slim Type Evaporator MEJ-3D

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  • High-performance fans
  • High efficient heat exchanger
  • Low noise level
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Better cost / Benefit relation
  • Fin separation in 3.2mm and 6.4mm
  • Hot gas defrost version is available upon request
  • Defrost safety thermostat is available upon request
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General Features

The high efficient coils are made from high-quality copper tube 09.52 mm and special profile aluminum fins. Heat exchangers are supplied clean and tested under a pressure of 30 bars.

The casing

White power coated aluminum, high corrosion strength, impact resistance, and does not produce polluting debris,

The fan motors

All with high-quality axial fan motors with high safety standards fitted well to the unit casing with an anti-vibration system. Easy to be service.

Defrost heating

Provided by Zoppas stainless steel heater elements. These stainless heating elements well none by engineers last long.

Electrical parts and wiring

Are connected to an earth terminal, carried out in junction box with access holes equipped with water-proof cable grands. All materials are selected carefully for long-term reliability.

To satisfy the refrigeration requirements in high, medium and low-temperature applications as well as different humidity conditions two ranges of unit coolers are available:

1. 3.2mm fin spacing
2. 6.4mm fin spacing

Distributors and refrigerant circuits were carefully optimized to ensure the maximum efficiency of the heat exchangers under various operating conditions.

A suction pressure gauge connection was added to allow the correct performance of the unit coolers.

All models use external rotor motor high-efficiency low consumption fan motor assemblies, incorporating internal thermal protection. All fans have been statically and dynamically balanced. All fan motor assemblies are wired into the unit's electrical box.
Insulation class F, protection IP-55.

The fan shrouds are designed to obtain homogenous airflow with a long air throw.

Special Polymide guiding vanes are available (as accessories) improving the long flow range behavior of the fans, avoiding "thermal short circuit" specifically in long and narrow cold rooms.

The stainless steel electric heater elements are inserted into aluminum tubes in the finned pack permitting a quick and efficient defrost of the coil. The heater elements are connected to the unit's electrical box. For special conditions of application heaters for the fan shroud can be supplied.

Slim Type Evaporators

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