Wall Shelf Slim (7ft - 2.1m) Base 470mm (1ft 5inc) Top Shelves 370mm (1ft 2inc, 15inc,)

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This starting wall bay. Wall shelf 2.1m 2100mm 7Ft height and width shelf, You can change also from 500m to 665mm, 800mm, 1000mm(3ft shelf), 1250mm (4ft 5 inc)

This bay includes;

  • 1x2100mm(7ft 2.1m) Upright Post
  • 1 x Base Shelf 470mm(1ft 2inch, 15 inch)
  • 1 x Base Leg 470mm (1ft 2inch, 15 inch)
  • 4 x Top Shelf 370mm (1ft 2inch, 15 inch)
  • 5 x Back Panel 400mm and 1x100mm
  • 8 x Shelf Bracket to suit for shelves
  • 5 x Ticket Strips

Note: End Leg is not in price easy unit comes with one post and baseleg

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