Cold Room Control Panel MK-CP-01

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Control panel unit for 'Easy Cold' Cold rooms and other cold rooms.

Technical parameters: Power Supply: 220VAC±10%,50/60Hz
Power Consumption: Less than 5W
Temperature Measuring Range: -45°C~99°C
Accuracy: ±1°C T
temperature Controlling Range -40°C~90°C
Resolution: 0.1°C/1°C or 1F
Relay Capacity of Compressor: Compressor 50A/240VAC Max.
The capacity of controlling the compressor: 3P Defrost 8A/220VAC Fan 5A/220VAC Max.
The capacity of controlling the fan: 500W Light 5A/220VAC Max. the capacity of controlling the light: 300W
Alarm 5A/220VAC Storage Temperature: -20°C~75°C
Work Temperature: -5°C~60°C.

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More Cold Cold Room Panel MK-CP-01

The number one choice of refrigeration engineers and technicians in the UK for cold rooms, More Cold MK-CP-01 digital control panels are among the indispensables of refrigeration projects with their high performance, long service life and problem-free working principle.

Easy to use

MasterCella comes with a very powerful display that shows 3 digits plus a decimal point, minus sign, and icons that make the values and operating status simple to read; the keypad is ergonomic and easy to use.

HACCP: special surveillance

MasterCella automatically manages the monitoring of the unit, highlighting any critical situations. The MasterCella series simplifies the HACCP procedures by notifying the user of the correct temperature trend, activating a local alarm (buzzer) and remote alarm (via the special relay) when the maximum set limit is exceeded.

Made-to-measure for each customer

The appearance can be customized by simply replacing the top and bottom covers, adding specific colors or company logos.

Greater safety

Models are available with the 32 A door interlock disconnect switch option for a complete unit on/off management. This solution makes the complete electrical panel. The disconnect switch can be locked in the “OFF” position to ensure maximum safety when carrying out maintenance in the cold room.

Cable inlet from below or above

The electrical cables can run to the instrument through standard plastic conduits that are fastened directly to the case.

Time-based defrost

The clock is used to record data in a detailed and precise way, and set the defrost function based on real-time (and not in intervals, as is usually the case). The RTC clock also ensures conformity with the HACCP standards, and its operation is guaranteed for at least 10 years.

Control of large compressors and lights

Most of the models come with a 16 A / 2 HP relay, which can directly control heavy loads such as refrigeration compressors or actuators for managing the lights, including fluorescent lights, without the need for further intermediate relays.

Removable bottom plate

The bottom plate that houses the power board and the control devices and/or accessories can be easily removed. This allows the panel to be wired before installation, and the holes to be made in the case for inserting the cables.

Easy to connect

Electrical wiring is made easy by the openable cover at the front and the considerable space inside to house the main switch or other auxiliary devices.

Everything under control

The standard MasterCella supply includes 3 digital inputs, which can also be configured as NTC probe inputs, and ensure the following functions: monitor the third point of temperature measurement (this can be displayed on the repeater display); manage the “end defrost” completely and independently, by configuring additional parameters; manage the condenser fans using the auxiliary output; signal the high-temperature alarms and the need for maintenance on the unit.

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