ELITE Custom Bandsaw Blade x 10 pieces

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  • Brand: ELITE
  • Contains: 10 Pieces
  • Bandsaw Blade Thickness: 0.0”20 (0.508mm)
  • Bandsaw Blade Depth: 5/8" (15.875mm)
  • Bandsaw Blade (TPI): 4 (Multi-purpose), 3 (fresh meat only)
  • Bandsaw Blade Type: Low Waste, High Frequency with hardened teeth
  • Bandsaw Blade Construction: high tensile stainless

The top of the line band saw blade technology. The spring-tempered backing assures straighter cuts and will take heavier feed pressure without bending. The specially hardened teeth will give longer life and smoother cuts.

Heavy-duty stainless steel work table, widely used in a commercial kitchen and home The special and patented profile grinding gives you

  • Sharper blades
  • A cleaner cut
  • Longer blade lifetime
  • Minimum downtime
  • Less material waste
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Base DEPO6.7-3.3
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