ELITE Labeller EGJP16

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  • Prints 2 lines of characters
  • Pricing up to £9999.99
  • Suitable for pricing, date and batch codes
  • Includes £, € and ¢ symbols
  • Includes 3 rolls / 3,000 labels
  • Includes spare ink roller
  • Prints up to 8 characters on the top line
  • Prints up to 8 characters on the bottom line
  • Uses a 26mm x 16mm label
  • Uses an ink roller
  • Price gun colour is Black

Easy Shelf Benefits

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The ELITE price gun is part of the Lynx label gun family, so you can be confident that these are label applicators you can trust. This one-line pricing gun contains 8 + 8numeric digits and currency symbols for the Pound Sterling and the Euro.

This labeller will allow pricing up to GBP or EUR 999999, but can also print product codes and dates in a numeric arrangement

The ELITE EG-PJ16 is the ideal pricing gun for small businnesses and retailers. It has two lines containing eight digits each and it's character set allows pricing up to £9999.99 or £9999999 if the decimal point is not used. It also includes the Euro (€) symbol in its character set. With the Puma PJ16 having two lines of print it is very versatile, for example, you could display the price in Pounds Sterling on the top line and in Euros on the second or have a price on the top line and a date below e.g. 24 04 07.

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Base DEPO54-11CCT
Price £65.00
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