LYNX CT4 26x12mm Labels - Fluorescent Red Permanent (Box 45k)

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Code: 2CT4B45-FR-P
  • Label Type: CT4
  • Size: 26x12mm Labels
  • Pre-Printing: Unprinted
  • Colour: Fluorescent Red
  • Shape: Rectangular (Wavy Edged)
  • Adhesive: Permanent
  • Quantity: Box of 45k
  • 1 Box: £35
  • 2 Box: £60
  • 4 Box: £110

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These CT4 26x12mm Labels are Fluorescent Red and sold by the Box of 45k for your convenience. These labels are designed to catch the eyes of your customers, clearly display the price (or other important information) on your merchandise and help convert interest into sales. Ensuring all of your merchandise is adequately priced and labelled is vital for helping customers make up their minds.

Our Fluorescent Red 26x12mm Labels are Rectangular (Wavey Edged) and use a Permanent adhesive. You can find out more about the different types of adhesives we use by reading the following article: Pricing Gun Labels Explained: Label Adhesives. Choosing the right type of adhesive will help you ensure your merchandise is labelled correctly, meeting the needs of both your business and your customers.

Compatible Lynx Guns:

  • Lynx 106
  • Lynx SP1
  • Lynx Euro
  • Lynx C6 and C-6 Starter Pack
  • Lynx C8E, Lynx C8N
  • Lynx C10A, Lynx C10D, Lynx C10
  • Lynx PR426
  • Puma PJ6 and PJ6 Starter Pack
  • Puma PJ8 and PJ8 Starter Pack
  • Lynx A/B
  • Lynx OD6/OD8

Other Compatible Guns:

  • Nor Numbeller
  • Prima 1 Line
  • Prix Start 6, 8, 8CP, 10, 10DP
  • Tovel K6, K8, TM66, TM88
  • Avery 1/6 & 1/8
  • Contact 6 & 8 (1 Line)
  • Danro 2612
  • Data-Mark 2612
  • Dataply 6, DPM 2612/107 SEQ, DPP 2612/106 & 110
  • Econoply 2612
  • LabelMaster
  • Labeltac MKII
  • Laser
  • Meto 526, 626, 826, 1026, 105, 2605, 2606, 2610, S.526
  • Motex 2612
  • MPS SP1
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