Monoblock Freezer Room 3m (296cm - 9ft 8inc)

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Features & Benefits:

Switchable Interior Light, Digital Temperature Display, Lock Fitted, Electronically Controlled, Fan Assisted Cooling, Fully Automatic Operation, Shelving Optional Extra, 80mm Thickness of Panels, Multiplex able, Heated Door Frames.

Easy Shelf Benefits
LENGTH DEPTH M3 Freezer Monoblock
296cm(9ft 8inc) 296cm(9ft 8inc) 15.68 COLD BOX-2f
296cm(9ft 8inc) 316cm(10ft 4inc) 16.8 COLD BOX-2f
296cm(9ft 8inc) 336cm(11ft) 17.92 COLD BOX-3f
296cm(9ft 8inc) 356cm(11ft 8inc) 19.04 COLD BOX-3f
296cm(9ft 8inc) 376cm(12ft 4ft) 20.16 COLD BOX-3f
296cm(9ft 8inc) 396cm(13ft) 21.28 COLD BOX-3f
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